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We welcome all good singers, from competent amateurs to aspiring professionals (there are frequent solo opportunities).  Although the ability to read music is an advantage, the Musical Director will provide any assistance he can, and if you learn quickly we may well be the right choir for you.   

After your second rehearsal you will be invited for a friendly meeting with the Musical Director, at which you will be asked to sing extracts from the repertoire we have been rehearsing to see if we are the right choir for you - we hope we will be!  You will not need to sing perfectly, just to get the harmonies pretty much correct and to sing well in tune.

Although it is obviously better to start at the beginning of the terms, singers of a suitable standard may be able to join part way through a term, at the Musical Director's discretion.


We aim for high standards and members are expected to make a regular commitment to the choir and to undertake responsibility for learning the music independently so that rehearsals can be used to concentrate on blend, balance, interpretation and performance.  Singers are encouraged to attend all rehearsals, although if you are unavailable for some dates but are still able to reach a good standard allowances will be made.

We have about six rehearsals a term, roughly fortnightly, aiming to give members as much notice as possible of when these will take place. 

We rehearse in North London and usually have three weekday evening rehearsals per term (19.15-21.30), two Saturday from 10.30-13.45, and one longer Saturday rehearsals (10.30-16.00).

The weekday evening rehearsals are held at St Mark's Church, St Mark's Square, London NW1 7TN (near Regent's Park), and on Saturdays in the Parish Room of St Mary's Church, Primrose Hill, Elsworthy Road, London NW3 3DJ.


A subscription is payable termly, currently £60 a term. You will not be asked to pay a subscription until your membership is confirmed.

If you would like to try us out please send us a message telling us your voice part, and then come along to sing with us at a rehearsal. 

Rehearsal dates for the Spring and Summer 2018 can be found here.

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